We conduct an entire sweep of your social media platforms. Images, Tweets, Posts etc. A (s.w.a.t) analyses will be conducted for Strengths, Weakness, Advantages and Competition. We also advise you on images, videos or ads that you may need to create or remove to ensure proper branding of your service.

Content Production

We provide clients with the content needed for advertisement and presentation. This includes images, video, commercial ads, national ads, Email, Banner and GIF’s.


We target your audience and customers with online and offline marketing to promote your brands, products and services. Providing customized campaigns targeted directly to online users on any campus, neighborhood or location of your choosing. Imagine being able to send your product or social media ad directly to every students phone, tablet or pc anywhere on campus or every household in the locations you desire.

Distribution of your product or service

Combined with our in house Big Data firm “Alesiatec” we utilize cost efficient technology to deliver targeted, geo located advertisements through direct banner ads, keywords, tags, managed seo, email targeting and direct mail services. Millions of targeted ads directly to your current following and new potential customers.